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Griffin Exotic Wood

Sandalwood Burl
(osyris wightiana)

Sandalwood Burl is one of the rarest burls in the world.  It is a true sandalwood, and is used in making sandalwood essential oil and sandalwood incense.  This unusual kind of sandalwood is a native of Nepal, and these pieces were harvested from a sandalwood plantation in Tanzania.  Burls have more sandalwood oil in them then do the plain pieces.  The wood is hard and has a fine grain.  It is an excellent turning wood as well as a renowned wood for carving.  Sandalwood Burl and sandalwood are also excellent for ornamental turning, as they are able to hold very fine details without splintering.  This wood is dry and ready for use, and may contain very small bark areas or tiny slits, unless noted otherwise. 


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Sandalwood pen blank with some burl and/or figure, nice scent too!
Price: $12.50 (occasional stock, add to cart to check)

Other pieces are available, please ask us.

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