Griffin Exotic Wood

Piquia Marfim
(aspidosperma desmanthum)

This wood is used to make fine veneers.  It has become very difficult to get solid pieces in this wood, and we have not had a shipment in years.  We prefer this as the best yellow wood that holds its color better than yellowheart and is very satiny when finished.  The grain is finer than yellowheart and tends to stay yellow for a very long time. The actual finished color is very similar to the picture above. This wood is now unavailable on the market (no new supplies in 8 years), however we did recently find a small amount of old stock. Many woods such as this from Brazil have been banned for export by the Brazilian government and we don't know when/if we'll be able to get them again. We are limiting pen blanks to no more then 2 per order until/unless we can get new supplies.


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Piquia Marfim pen blank 3/4 square
Price: $5.50
(limited to 2 per order)


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