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This is where we put the type of wood that we just don't have much of, usually they are great stuff. These woods are just too uncommon, or just too hard to get to offer on a regular basis.

unless specified otherwise.


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These all came from the same tree.  They are almost never available for sale because live trees can never be cut and this was from a tree killed in a fire.  The certificate has more specific info on this tree. I have waited over 15 years to find this big wood enough for some of these pieces.    

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Pieces not listed below, or that give an out of stock notice in the shopping cart are sold.

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Bristlecone Pine
piece 26
3/4+ x 3/4+ x 8 inches

Price:SOLD, but we will have more for summer 2022

Bristlecone pine tree.























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