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Lignum Vitae
(Guaiacum officinale)
This is genuine lignum vitae, not a substitute!

Note: This is genuine Lignum Vitae. Note:  Some suppliers are now saying they are selling "lignum vitae" when they are actually selling "Argentine lignum vitae" or even Verawood.  Ask for the botanical name of the wood.  Argentine lignum vitae (bulnesia sarmientoi) and Verawood (bulnesia arborea) are not lignum vitae and are not the same as lignum vitae.  Genuine lignum vitae is now nearly impossible to get, and our last real shipment was in 2017.  What we sell is accurately named.  All real  lignum vitae has a botanical name that starts with "Guaiacum".
If you are looking for Argentine lignum,click here.

New grading system for lignum vitae:

AA grade :  The grain is fairly straight, no sapwood or checks in the piece.   Sometimes called "Bearing grade"
A grade: The grain may have some movement, most or all sapwood gone when turned round, no checks. Could have tiny bark inclusions or really tiny knots (minimal)  (Bowl blanks have a small amount of sapwood on one or two edges and can be turned off or left on for effect.)
Figured: Like A grade but has figure in it. No defects, may or may not have sapwood.
B grade: A good piece, and the sapwood varies from 15-40%.  No cracks, possible small tight knot and possible small hairline check. Excellent Value, and offers a contrasty look. Requests for high sapwood will be allowed, (not for low sapwood).
C grade:  The piece has some deep checks and would reguire some superglue to fix them, if you can't cut around them.  Even if you have to cut these to smaller sizes, they are still very inexpensive.  Priced to move.

The pieces below have been color coded to easily see the grade:

unless specified otherwise.


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Not legal for export from USA!

Lignum Vitae pen blank, A grade
Price: $2.50

Lignum Vitae pen blank, AA grade
Price: $3.50

Lignum Vitae pen blank, mixed sapwood and heartwood for exciting contrast!
Price: $2.50

This special offering is for Lignum vitae which we've gotten to turn green by exposing it for years to special conditions. It can also turn green on its own in certain conditions, but we've had this material for over 12 years and much less then 1% of it has turned green on its own during that time. They are all AA grade pen blanks and size is 3/4 x 3/4 x 5.25 with some very slight length variation (Maybe 5 1/8 to 5.5) . Supplies limited.

Lignum Vitae pen blank, AA grade & GREEN
Price: SOLD out for now

Photo of the actual pieces for sale in AA grade. Great quality!

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: SCROLL DOWN, THERE ARE OVER 50 SIZES LISTED, AND BELOW THAT IS A GRADE. Note that most sizes just have one piece available. IF THERE IS MORE THEN ONE, WE HAVE PUT THE NUMBER ORIGINALLY AVAILABLE IN ( ) AFTER THE PRICE. So you know that the most that could be available is the original number, or less if someone has bought some already. We have cut these from our remaining larger pieces and these are the largest sizes we can produce in flawless AA grade. The majority of our remaining lignum vitae is here, not much is left and there is no way to replace it. Pieces which give an out of stock notice in the shopping cart are gone. BELOW the square sizes are NON square sizes . A/AA means in between A and AA grade, mostly AA grade though.

NOTE: these AA pieces are sold. IF we can make any more, this is where we'll put them.
AA grade pieces that are not square, (knife blanks, carving blanks, etc) :
Lignum Vitae
1 1/8 x 1.5 x 10 inches AA grade

Price: $21.00

Lignum Vitae
1 3/8 x 1 7/8 x 5 inches AA grade

Price: $16.20

Not legal for export from USA! (all sizes)

typical sample pieces shown.  A grade has just a little sapwood on edges as well as possible pith/knot of small size.

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