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This is the exciting page for various figured woods that just don't fit somewhere else.  We will have an ever changing inventory, and most are here because they are available only occasionally or just once.  Usually there are not many pieces available, so if you like what you see be sure to buy what you want soon as they may go quickly. Read the whole description to get the facts on what is being sold, dried pieces will say "dried", stabilized pieces will say "stabilized" etc. Might be noted somewhere in the description or the item.

Grading explanation for figured wood:
Gallery grade minus (gg-) is a nicely figured piece that has some figure scattered around, not tight or all over figure
Gallery grade (gg) is a highly figured piece of wood. It has very high and intense figure on at least two parallel sides, or very good figure on 3 or 4 sides.
Gallery grade PLUS (gg+) is a piece with rare intense figure that appears on all 4 surfaces of a square. Usually uncommon to rare.

unless specified otherwise.


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Click the photo for view of side 2.

A mixed group of figured pieces. Notes: The Sindora burl has been coated with superglue which is then sanded back off, for higher stability with this burl that has natural slits in it. Sindora pieces are GG/GG+. The Jarrah has good figure, gg grade. The pyinma burl is GG+ with about the highest figure possible. They have all been dried.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

Sindora Burl
1 15/16 x 1 15/16 x 11 7/8 inches
Piece A

Price: $94.00

Sindora Burl
2 x 2 x 11.5 inches
Piece B

Price: $91.00

Pyinma Burl
1 9/16 x 1 9/16 x 14.75 inches
Piece F

Price: $106.00

Click the photo for view of side 2.

These pieces are completely dried after 3 or more years of careful and slow air drying. This is one of the hardest burls in North America. Certainly on of the USA's more interesting wood types. Found in the Applachia area of the USA, also in the mid-atlantic states like Maryland. Lasts up to 100 years in ground contact without rotting and is in demand for fence posts since there is no need to treat/maintain the wood outdoors. (Though it will crack if left outside unfinished, it just won't rot). Has a botanical name of Robinia pseudoacacia. High quality pieces. We buy larger pieces and just cut the good parts to sell. Generally about a third of a burl that is of excellent quality can make pieces like these. (so it takes us about 3 pounds of burl to make 1 pound of turning blanks including the small pieces such as pen blanks). Notes: Piece 11 had a tight check in one end which was glued. Looks good but discounted 40% off anyway.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

Black Locust Burl
1 15/16 x 1 15/16 x 5.25 inches
Piece 9
Grade: GG/GG-

Price: $24.00

Click the photo above for a view of the other face.
STABILIZED and partially dyed orange.
Top quality figure throughout.
If you get an out of stock notice when you have a qty of 1, it is already sold.

Pyinma Burl
Piece P2
1 7/8 x 5 1/16 x 5 1/16 inches

Price: $129.00

Figured Pyinma
(Lagerstroemia spp.)
not related to Ceylon Satinwood, Pyinma is a completely
different species. We have ceylon satinwood too, email us.
Pyinma has much better figure.

sample of gg+ figure

Figured Pyinma pen blank
Price: $1.75

Highly figured Pyinma pen blank
GG grade

Price: $3.25

Highly figured Pyinma 1 x 1 x 12 gallery grade minus

Price: $3.25

Sample of gallery grade plus figure

Highly figured Pyinma 1.5 x 1.5 x 12 inches, gallery grade
Has very good figure

Price: $12.50

Ash Burl, stabilized
botanical name: Fraxinus americana
Ash grows widely in the eastern half of the USA. Burls do occur, but rarely have the concentration of eyes as seen in those sold below. These were professionally stabilized by kiln drying and then forcing clear resin through the wood at very high pressure. This results in a stable blank that tends to warp much less then un-stabilized wood. We don't expect this wood to be in stock all the time, but occasionally.

Ash Burl 3/4 inch pen blank
Gallery grade
Stabilized, lengths are 5 to 5.25 inches

Price: $8.00

Ash Burl 3/4 inch pen blank
Gallery grade minus
Stabilized, lengths are 5 to 5.25 inches

Price: $5.50

Coffee burl
coffea arabica

Our coffee burl is cut from real coffee plantations near Bali, Indonesia.  Has a finer grain and very nice figure.  This burl is usually sold as whole odd shaped pieces.  We found these can be hard to work with for woodturners so we cut away the waste (about 80%) to make these nice blocks.  Nice turning wood.  These have been air dried in the rough burls for over 18 months before being cut round.  Limited supply.  Priced based on final weight and quality.  May have small pith check(s) and some natural indents the picture does not show.

Photos have been taken to show figure as well as most major variations in appearance such as natural indents.  Prices are based on quality and size.


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