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Briar Burl
(erica arborea)
These burls come from the Briar bush.  The grain is ultra fine and this is the wood traditionally used for making smoking pipes.  Beautiful figured grain and color. There will be some bark inclusions and rock inclusions are possible in whole or half burls.  Turning blanks rarely have defects as they are selectively cut.   A very hard wood, but weighs lighter than you would expect, making this a unique turning wood that is almost never offered in turning blanks.   It is very difficult to get good turning blanks, even pen blanks, as are there are so many defects, and the waste can be huge to make just a single blank.   We have made a single pen blank in the past that cost us over $40 plus labor and expensive blade damage also over $40.  Most of the burls can only make very tiny pieces without flaws, turning blanks require the rarest pieces.     Offered rarely, when we can find a very unusual whole burl with high figure and low defects, offerings are usually years apart because of the great challenges involved.

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Briar Burl pen blank , high figure
Could have a tiny bark inclusion that is easily filled with superglue.
Price: $19.00

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Dried ---rare offering in high grade turning blanks. Pieces not shown below or that get a red out of stock notice in the shopping cart were previously sold.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:
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Briar Burl
Piece 16
1 x 1 x 3.5 inches

Price: Sold




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