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Bois de Rose
(pronunciation: bwah duh rose)
(dalbergia maritima)

& other Madagascar rosewoods (see under the bois de rose items)

Bois de Rose is a wood that some call the most beautiful of all exotic woods.  When first cut, it is often a bright color (see center piece in pic above).  When finished, it looks similar to the bottom piece, and an unfinished piece allowed to age for awhile looks purple like the top piece or even darker.  The wood has an incredibly fine grain and is suitable for musical instrument making, including guitar backs and woodwinds.  It polishes almost like glass if sanded finely enough.  The pattern of the lines varies greatly from one piece to the next and no two are exactly alike.  We avoid oil finishes unless we want to darken the wood to an almost black color.  (The finish above is shellawax).  It is one of the rarest and most beautiful types of true rosewood.     Our supplies are limited. News: Current conditions in Madagascar mean that this wood will become unavailable, as all exports have apparently stopped permanently for those of us that only buy legal wood. We have bought more of this wood from old stocks that were imported into the USA many years ago, but we are paying higher prices as the supply tightens. We don't sell wood from Madagascar that was harvested illegally, and we don't import any wood from Madagascar at all. Please be careful to buy only old stock such as ours because illegal logging is being promoted in Madagascar.   These pieces have been gently air dried for many years.

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Note: these are samples.  Your piece could be darker than the top piece and look almost black when
you receive it.  It can be very dark all the way through, or could look like the lower one in the 
picture above.  Unfortunately we cannot easily select older pieces for color, because there is no way to tell 
without cutting the wood first (due to a dark violet patina on old pieces).  The normal range of colors goes from purple black to reddish,
and they all look basically the same on the outside, but we do make guesses when asked. 
This wood cannot be shipped outside the USA
due to CITES trade rules on woods from Madagascar.

Bois de Rose pen blank, 3/4
Price: $8.80
Limited supply. Limit of 8 per each seperate order


New size of this beautiful wood. This is a sample photo of some of the actual pieces for sale.

Bois de Rose 1 x 1 x 12 inches

Price: $18.00

Sample photo of some of the actual pieces for sale. You'll usually get them with the dark patina (due to air exposure over many years) on the outside of the wood. The upper two in the photo aren't sanded and the lower 4 were lightly sanded (removed maybe 1/16 inch or less). They do have different colors on the inside, and there is usually no way to tell what they look like until you sand/cut them. They can be reddish purple, dark purple, reddish with/without lines. See other photos on this page to understand all the variety possible. Any requrest for colors will be done as possible with no guarantee since we cannot always guess what is under the patina. Very rare wood now, hard to find anywhere and becoming scarce due to CITES rules. NO EXPORTS OF BOIS DE ROSE ALLOWED. USA SALES ONLY.

Bois de Rose 1 x 1 x 15 inches

Price: $22.50

other Madagascar Rosewoods:

Click photo for 2nd side view.
These are an incredibly rare type of rosewood from Madagascar called Dalbergia madagascarensis. Almost unknown on the market, especially in high quality pieces like these. Also banned for import like bois de rose, so supply is limited to what was imported before restrictions took place. Has a wonderful ringing tap tone.
All pieces are DRIED. Notes: Normally a reddish tan color, these have a bit more red then normally expected. Also: Pieces 5 and 6 are an extraordinary thickness for this rosewood.
Please order by number below. If the item is missing below , that means the piece is sold.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

This group sold, we are making more soon.

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