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(cordia elaeagnoides or cordia gerascanthus)
Bocote (bah--coat--ee) is a wood which can vary a great deal in appearance.  The grain may have nice contrast and figure as seen above and is sometimes straighter with less of a tan and more of a greenish overall color.   The lines may or may not swirl.  The average specific gravity is about .85 with some variance in diferent pieces.  The wood is somewhat oily.  It can be rough turned and set aside to dry (either coat it with a wax emulsion or put it in a paper bag).   It can generally not be air dried in pieces thicker than 1.5 inches, or cracks normally result. The wood comes from Mexico. 

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Click the photo for view of side 2. Actual pieces shown, these were selected from hundreds of blanks.

Bocote is a wood from Mexico.   After years of experience with many turning blanks, I can say that pieces like these are about 1 in 50 pieces, or maybe 1 in 100.   Most bocote is extremely plain grain that is just a few lines running straight end to end.  We do not plan to carry bocote any longer, unless we find a way to just buy figured pieces, which so far has not been possible.     
No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

Bocote piece 11
Dried 5 years+

1.5 x 1.5 x 17 7/8 inches

Price: Sold, we'll add more when available!


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