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Black & White Ebony
(diospyros embryopteris)

Black and White ebony is a rare member of the ebony family, found mostly in Laos.   It tends to crack easily and we recommend special procedures for drying pieces thicker than 3/4 inch thick. Note that some pieces of Black & White Ebony have a few tiny (usually 2mm) insect holes and/or hairline checks---this is normal and is best finished by putting superglue (the black kind looks great!) in the holes/checks.   The only fairly reliable way to dry this wood is to turn it completely down to a thin walled piece all in one setting.  We also suggest you spread superglue, especially on the end-grain during the turning process, we do some of this glueing for you initially to most pieces.  Finish the project in one sitting if possible, and apply shellawax cream as a finish.  The piece will then dry very slowly through the shellawax, with minimal or no distortion.  Do not part turn these pieces to dry them unless you have some magic we don't have! Some checks and warpage should be expected in most pieces unless stabilized.


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Black & White Ebony 3/4 inch square pen blank
Price: $6.00

Black & White Ebony pen blank, 5/8 square
Price: $3.00 (limited time offer)

Black & White Ebony pen blank, 5/8 square
Blowout volume deal on 20 or more!

Price: $2.30 (limited time offer)