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Note that sizes of blanks may vary by 1/8" in thickness from listed size.  We recommend ordering a rough size that is at least 1/4" larger than your finished size. 
Moisture content of turning wood varies and is not completely dry unless specifically noted as "air dried" or "kiln-dried".

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African Blackwood
(dalbergia melanoxylon)
country: Tanzania

Afzelia  (figured)
 (afzelia xylocarpa)
country:  Laos

Afzelia Burl
(afzelia xylocarpa)
country: Laos

Amboyna Burl
(pterocarpus indicus)
country: Laos

African Olivewood
(olea hochstetleri)
country: South Africa

Argentine Lignum 
(bulnesia sarmientoi)
country: Argentina

Beeswing Narra
(pterocarpus indicus)
region: Southeast Asia 

Australian Blackwood
(acacia melanoxylon)
country: Australia

(brosmium paraense)
country: Brazil

Bubinga, figured
(guibourtia spp.)
country: Cameroon

Black Palm
(borassus flabellifer)
region: Southeast Asia

Buckeye Burl
(aesculus californica)
USA, California

Bolivian Rosewood
(machaerium scleroxylon)
country: Bolivia

Borneo Rosewood
(melanorrhoea usitata)
country: Suriname

Burmese Rosewood
(dalbergia olivera)
country: Laos

Brazilian Rosewood
(dalbergia nigra)
country: Brazil

Black & White Ebony
(diospyros embryopteris)
country: Laos

Brazilian Tulipwood
(dalbergia frutescens)
country: Brazil

Biblical Woods
region: Sinai desert &
Middle East

Blue Mahoe
(hibiscus elata)
region: Carribean islands
plantation grown

(buxus sempervirens)
U.K., Turkey, France

Box Elder
(acer negundo)

(cordia elaeagnoides)
country: Mexico

Bois de Rose
(dalbergia maritima)
country: Madagascar

Briar Burl
(erica arborea)
country: Turkey 

Brazilian Kingwood
(dalbergia caerencis)
country: Brazil

Burma Blackwood
(dalbergia cultrate)
region: Southeast Asia

(centrolobium paraense)
country: Brazil

(caesalpina platyoba)
region: Central America

Cochinchin burl
(dalbergia cochinensis)
country: Thailand

(dalbergia retusa)
region: Central America

Desert Ironwood
(olney tesota)
country: USA (Arizona)

Dot/Dalmation Ebony
Variation of B & W ebony
region: southeast Asia

East Indian Rosewood
(dalbergia latifolia)
country: India

(diospyros spp.)
country: Gabon, etc.

Figured (misc.)
(various types)
all over the world

Hawaiian Woods
(acacia koa and others)
Hawaiian Islands (USA)

Holly (American)
(illex opaca)
country: United States

India Ironwood
(Memecylon umbellatum )

(roupala brasiliensis)
country: Brazil

(combretum schumanni)
country: Tanzania

Lignum Vitae
(guiacum officinale)
country: Central America

Macassar Ebony
(diospyros celebica)
country: Phillipines

(marmaroxylon racemosum)
country: Suriname

Mun Ebony
(diospyros mun)
country: Laos

(colophospermum mopane)
country: South Africa, Africa

Maple Burl
(acer macrophyllum)
country: USA, Oregon

Masur Birch (figured)
(betula pendula)
country: Finland

Osage Orange
(maclura tinctoria)
country: Argentina

(pterocarpus soyauxii)
region: west Africa

Pau Rosa
(Swartzia fistuloides)
country: Tanzania

(caeselpina echinata)
country: Brazil 

Pink Ivory
(berchemia zeyheri)
country: South Africa

Pink Ivory (figured)
(berchemia zeyheri)
country: South Africa

(peltogyne paniculata)
country: Suriname, C. America

Peroba Rosa
(aspidosperma peroba)
country: Brazil/Paraguay


Quilted Sapele
(entandrophragma cylindricum)
country: Cameroon


(Erythroxylon mexicanum)
country: Mexico

Red Palm

(cocos nucifera)
country: India

Sandalwood (genuine)
(osyris wightiana)
country: Nepal, Tanzania


Sandalwood Burl
(osyris wightiana) (genuine)
country: Nepal, Tanzania

(piratinera guianensis)
country: Suriname

Spalted Tamarind
(tamarindus indica)
country: Laos

Striped Ebony
(diospyros spp.)
regions: Africa, India

(spirostachys africana)
country: South Africa

Thuya Burl
(tetraclines articulata)
country:  Morocco

Various woods for
Stringed instruments

(microberlinia brazzavillensis)
region: West Africa

(cordia dodecandra)
country: Mexico

(Euxylophora paraensis)
country: Brazil

Yew  (Pacific)
(taxus brevifolia)
country: USA,  Northwest

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Note that blanks may vary in size up to 1/8" from the stated size.  Be sure to order a rough size at least 1/4" larger than your finished size.