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(caeselpina echinata)

for Chakte viga--see below

This wood, also called Brazilwood is now very rare and in the near future will be unavailable, most likely for many years.  It can be used for certain musical instruments, as a dye wood, and makes an excellent turning wood capable of taking fine detail.  It finishes to a very fine gloss through sanding alone.  Do not confuse it with Chakte viga, a possibly related wood that has somewhat different properties and color.  Pernambuco sometimes looks like the picture above, but may be darker or lighter or have a few gray pastels intermixed.  Expect grey pastels in some pieces, and these look good as an accent to the orange color.      Cannot be shipped outside the USA unless you have a permit.

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Pernambuco pen blank
No Shipping outside the USA, restricted

Price: $8.50 each,
maximum of 2 per order, beyond rare.


Click the photo to see side 2.
Real pernambuco is basically gone from the market, it is uncommon to see a piece for sale anywhere, especially over 1 inch thick.
We removed all defects from these pieces and they are high quality.
Notes: Piece 8 is extra high density, Piece 9 has been drying quite awhile, believed dry but unsure if dry all the way through.
Piece 9 has some burl in one corner (see photos), really rare stuff!

No surprises: ALL four sides of visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

These sold, more soon

caesalpina platyloba

Chakte-viga is a wood that is a close relative of pernambuco.  It grows in Central America and in Northern South America.  The wood has a very fine grain and works very much the same as pernambuco.  It tends to be an orange-yellow color (occasionally very light orange) upon cutting and then turns a deep reddish orange over time.  Its the best orange wood available and reportedly turns/works well.  Some may have black lines, most have few or none.  Economically priced for such a nice wood and is less than half the price of pernambuco.  It is allowed to be shipped internationally. Often looks lighter when fresh cut but turns orange again soon.


Chakte-viga Pen Blank 3/4
Price: $2.00

Chakte-viga 1 x 1 x 12 KILN-DRIED or completely air dried
Price: $3.50

Chakte viga, close relative of pernambuco. Some of these could actually be pernambuco, so we cannot send them outside the USA. Waxed and partly dried, but at a great price. If you prefer to buy at the lowest price possible this is the way to do it. We call these Bulk Buys and this is similar to what you would buy from the big catalog stores. However, unlike them, we have pulled out any that have obvious checks or cracks. .

Chakte-viga 1.5 x 1.5 x 18
Waxed/bulk buy deal

Price: $8.00

Sample pieces shown with fresh cut appearance. Color is richer when finished/waxed.

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