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(diospyros spp.)

Ebony is a member of the diospyros family.  In the older trees, the wood is very black accounting for the reputation of this wood.  Colors in actual pieces vary quite a bit with at least a little brown being seen in all but our upper grades.  Truly black pieces are extremely rare now. Ebony can vary somewhat in density.  Variances from .80 to 1.16 are possible.  All of our kiln-dried wood seems to be close to the upper end of possible density.   Other pieces fall somewhere between .8 and 1.1.   What today is called ebony is probably not the wood called by the Egyptians and in the Bible as ebony.  It seems that african blackwood was the wood they were referring to.  Ebony is darker however. 

Ebony grading system:  (Based on EXTERNAL appearances--generally the inside is the same but not always, and not guaranteed except AA grade)
Grade B: Black/brown wood with noticeable lines that are dk. brown, and are usually not hidden without dyeing.  Dye is cheaper than dark wood!
Grade A:  Black wood with minor dk. brown lines, that SOMETIMES disappear through normal finishing or dyeing.
Grade A+: Black wood with very occasional tiny brown areas that are almost unnoticeable looking at the exterior of the wood.
Grade AA: Very black wood that is almost all black on external surfaces (98%+) even before finishing. Very occasional tiny off color areas allowed if 98% black.
Price protection for AA grade only:
If after cutting AA grade you find its a lower grade inside, we'll refund the difference between what you paid
and the price for the actual internal grade if we agree. ( Clear Photos required showing the AA grading we wrote on the piece).
In order to get this special guarantee, you must have not cut the wood more than once (turning round at full size is OK). Wood cut into
multiple pieces will get no compensation and full refunds for cut wood are not offered. We may choose to verify the color by
having you return the wood also. Applies to AA grade only. There is no compensation for other grades once they are cut,
after 7 days from receipt, or for cracks after 3 days from reciept.
Grade AAA: Wood that is black as coal, very rare now--we haven't had a piece like this in years and encourage you to be skeptical if someone says they have perfect black wood to sell. We have investigated claims like that and have so far always found them to be false unless it is a tiny piece of wood. Some vendors take A grade wood and cover it in thick wax to make it appear they have AAA grade, we grade based on the bare wood color.
Kiln-dried:  Each size that is kiln-dried is specifically marked.  Those not marked kiln-dried== are not kiln-dried.



unless specified otherwise.


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Ebony pen blank 
B grade New!
Price: $1.50

Ebony pen blank
A grade, 5/8 to 11/16 square by 5-5.25 inches long
Price: $2.50 (new lower price)

Ebony pen blank
A PLUS grade, 3/4 square by 5-5.25 inches long
Price: $5.50

Ebony AA grade pen blank
This is old stock, you cannot import this quality at all.

Premium, darkest black!, 3/4 inch square by 5-6 inches long
Price: $8.80

Ebony pen blank (Jumbo)
A to A+ grade, 7/8 square by 5-6 inches long
Price: $5.50

Ebony 1 x 1 x 12 B grade
Price: $5.00


Ebony 1 x 1 x 12 A grade
Compare at $14.00 elsewhere!
Price: $9.90

Ebony 1 x 1 x 12 A+ grade
Price: $14.00

Ebony 1 x 1 x 12 AA grade, near perfect black
In stock occasionally, this is a 1 out of 300 piece, at least!

Price: $22.00

 Kiln-dried/Air dried ebony (very hard to get)
Note: We only claim "dried" for wood below 12% moisture content. (Each kiln-dried item says kd or kiln-dried on the item, air dried items say AD or air dried.)
This section also now includes pieces that are air dried and have been measured with a properly programmed moisture meter,
confirming the moisture level is 12% or below. Be aware that normal moisture meters cannot measure woods this dense
and WILL give false readings. Our readings have been properly taken.

Piece of very curly ebony. It is dried and A grade for the color. The figure would correspond to gg grade, which means two parallel sides have good figure all the way down them. This is a one of kind piece, not much ebony is figured and usually if it is figured then there is a knot or crack in the figure, this piece is defect free. Shown finished to give you a good view of the figure catching the light even though the wood is dark.
Ebony 1 5/16 x 1 3/8 x 11.75Curly, piece A

Price: SOLD

Note this piece is diospyros ebenum, it IS allowed to be shipped worldwide.

* Means this item cannot be shipped outside the USA due to new trade regulations. Items not marked with a * are OK to ship outside the USA

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