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Griffin Exotic Wood

(dalbergia retusa)

Some people consider cocobolo to be the classic rosewood.  It comes in many shades and colors.  It is a rosewood that usually has a fair amount of natural oil in the wood.  Sapwood is cream colored but not usually present in our pieces except on edges where it turns out completely.  The picture above represents the look of a lightly figured piece of Mexican cocobolo.   Mexican cocobolo can also have more or less orange or brown, straight or wavy lines, many lines or few lines.  Each piece varies a little.  We also sell cocobolo from Nicaragua or Honduras, which generally has less bold look to the lines, but the color is more orange, and the wood may have purple colors inside when you cut into which will turn bright orange after a short time.  Some people prefer one type or the other.  Sometimes you can't tell which country it came from by looking at it.  We have now developed a system of marking each piece to help you get an idea of the country that piece comes from, which can be considered a general guide to appearance. High demand for this wood from China has caused the price on the wholesale level to more than double in the last 12 months and has also lead to restrictions: Restricted as of June 2013, CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE USA.

M= this piece comes from Mexico
H= this piece comes from Honduras
P= this piece comes from Panama
G= this piece comes from Guatamala
N= this piece comes from Nicaragua
New:  pieces are color coded by country to make it easier  to see where the piece comes from!
Note:  Color of photographed pieces may deepen  by the time they are sent to you.  We have represented colors as accurately as possible!
Cocobolo can no longer be shipped outside the USA due to CITES restrictions

unless specified otherwise.


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No exports: Cocobolo cannot be shipped outside the USA
Cocobolo 3/4 pen blank
(Mexican Cocobolo)
Price: $3.20

Cocobolo 7/8 pen blank
(Mexican Cocobolo)
Price: $3.90

Cocobolo pen blank  (Honduran Cocobolo)

Price: $2.80

Cocobolo 7/8 x 7/8 x 12 inches, air dried
(Mexican Cocobolo)
Price: $8.00

Cocobolo 1 x 1 x 12 inches, air dried
(Mexican Cocobolo)
Price: $9.50

sample photo, some have white sapwood, most don't.
Cocobolo 1.5 x 1.5 x 12 inches M, air dried
Price: $17.00

Cocobolo 2 x 2 x 12 M

Price: $25.50

Actual piece shown, order below. Click the photo for another view. This piece is Dried, Figured, and even has some burl, vey rare for cocobolo. A truly special piece that you don't see anymore for sale. Anything like this would normally go to China now, we got this before the Chinese takeover of cocobolo that has made this a restricted species for import. The only other way to buy wood like this is usually to find someone who bought it many years ago and got a very special piece they never used and for some reason wanted to sell. Dried over 5 years in our shop.

Closeup of burl, click HERE


Actual pieces shown, order by number below. If your selection is not listed below or the shopping cart
gives you an out of stock notice when you have a Qty of 1, it is already sold. These are all Mexican Cocobolo. Click the photo above to see another view. Pieces 1 and 3 do have some very fine curl figure, especially on one side. We are not charging extra for the curl figure. All 3 pieces are dried, which took us about 4 years to accomplish under controlled drying conditions. Moisture meter readings are 8 to 10% for these pieces. (12% or lower is considered dried).

For a closeup of the curl figure in piece 1: Click Here

For a closeup of the curl figure in piece 3: Click Here

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