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Cochinchin burl
(dalbergia cochinensis)

Cochinchin (co-shin-shin) burl is a true rosewood burl, and a very rare one.  It is the burl of dalbergia cochinensis, also called flamewood .  The tree grows in Southeast Asia, in countries such as Laos.  It has become nearly impossible to get.  An extremely hard and heavy wood.  It has natural splits that develop during drying, as well as some natural voids or bark areas.  The limited supply below is all we have been able to obtain for now.  Be sure to soak the de-waxed surface with thin superglue to further stabilize the blank before turning.  Pen blanks need to be soaked with glue before turning, and once they are round . 

Grading explanation for figured wood:
Gallery grade minus (gg-) is a nicely figured piece that has some figure scattered around, not tight or all over figure
Gallery grade (gg) is a highly figured piece of wood. It has very high and intense figure on at least two parallel sides, or very good figure on 3 or 4 sides.
Gallery grade PLUS (gg+) is a piece with rare intense figure that appears on all 4 surfaces of a square. Usually uncommon to rare.

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Cochinchin burl pen blank (unstabilized burl)
will have some very small checks or bark
areas natural to this burl.   We suggest
soaking the surface with superglue to stabilize.
out of stock at this time
Price: $

Actual pieces shown, Click photo for another view. This burl has not been available anywhere on the market for years. We cannot find another seller anywhere. Brought in about 9 years ago and hasn't been seen again yet. A very rare opportunity. Sizes given are minimums, some dimensions slightly larger then listed.
These two are sold.

Cochinchin burl, 1.5 x 1.5 x 10 1/8 inches
Piece A

Price: sold

Cochinchin burl, 1.5 x 1.5 x 10.25 inches
Piece B

Price: sold

Thuya Burl
(tetraclinis articulata)

This beautiful burl comes from Morocco.  Reportedly it comes from the root systems of trees which have died a long time ago.  It is very difficult to find as the tree tops have disappeared years ago, leaving small depressions in the ground where it is dug to see if a burl is there.  It has a characteristic smell and a very fine grain.  The color may very from deep reddish to bronze to tan.  The black spots may be sparse or more packed together.  Even though the tree is a conifer, the wood is very hard and somewhat oily.  A favorite turning wood for years.
Now becoming rare due to import problems and lack of good quality.

Thuya burl pen blank, part burl
Price: $4.80 (part burl grade)

Thuya burl pen blank, good burl

Price: $8.30 (good burl grade)

Thuya burl pen blank, Top quality burl--
Price: $11.80 (top burl grade--selected for top figure)

Click the photo to see the other face of this very nice piece. It is dried and sanded smooth and flat.

For a view of the top edge, Click Here
For a view of the bottom edge, Click Here

Thuya Burl Piece P
1 1/8 thick x 10.25 long across the bottom x 7 5/8 inches tall at the top of the arch.

Price: 91.00

Actual pieces shown, order by Letter below.
Air dried completely.
If your selection is not listed below or the shopping cart
gives you a notice when you have a Qty of 1, it is already sold.
Refresh this page when you get here, that way you can see if any pieces have already been sold and removed below. Lighter colors are MOSTLY caused by the length of time since the wood was cut. More recently cut pieces are lighter, all are dried though.
Thuya Burl Piece E
1 5/16 x 1 5/16 x 9 3/8 inches

Price: 22.00

Sample of appearance of Gallery grade (gg) pieces, bottom four are waxed, others are bare wood.
Gallery grade minus (gg-) has less figure, gallery grade plus has more eyes that cover more area.
Part Burl grade has some eyes, and most of the piece is swirly burl, rather then eye burl.

NOTE: Stock of this burl is always very limited, as it is very difficult to import, and the quality of new imports seems to be lower then normal. Our wood is old stock gathered from whatever sources we can find with good figure.



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