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Clearance items!

Exotic wood, deeply discounted to clear space!
No further discounts on these pieces, this is as low as they go!
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Actual pieces shown, order by number below.
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Why are we taking a huge loss on these? We decided it was better to get half our money back on this honduras rosewood burl then get nothing back. This is the risk of cutting burls, you get a rough burl for a good price and then find out that by the time you spend hours cutting it and removing the defects to make pieces with good figure, you spent more then double what it would have cost you to buy a retail piece and not do all the work. In this case we actually paid almost twice as much to get and make these as the prices below. Help us get half our money back and at the same time take advantage to get this wood, which is extremely hard to get now! (that is why we took the risk)

Honduras Rosewood Burl
1.5 x 1.5 x 7 inches
Piece 5
Air dried completely, very dense wood

At 40% OFF the cost WE PAID for the raw burl!
Our loss is your gain!

Price: $65.50----Clearance

Honduras Rosewood Burl
1.5 x 1.5 x 4 7/8 inches
Piece 7
Air dried completely, very dense wood

At 40% OFF the cost WE PAID for the raw burl!
Our loss is your gain!

Price: $45.50----Clearance

This photo shows what is typically in our scap boxes.  Mostly thin strips, some small blocks, some defects
Many types of wood in each box (99% exotics and maybe a few high figured domestics), these are great for inlay or small projects---sold below cost and will not be labeled as to type. They are NOT suitable for exacting projects like gun grips or making duck calls unless you are going to laminate multiple pieces together. These are small pieces, we don't put into scraps anything that is big enough for us to make a perfect pen blank. They work well for wooden jewelry box inlays or other small projects. Random and won't be selected by requests and as scraps, will obviously have some defects .

Exotic Wood scraps, mostly thin strips with some small blocks--10 pounds per box
FREE SHIPPING If you checkout on the web site and pick "scraps only" as your shipping choice, unless you are buying other items.
If you pick another shipping choice, the amount shown in the cart will be applied and will be your shipping fee. Scraps are sent by our choice of carrier/service and may be sent seperately or together with the rest of your order.

If there is anything else in your order, do not pick "scraps only" for shipping.


Clearance scraps, small blocks and thin strips
10 pounds

Price: $40.00

If you have any questions about scraps, send us an email rather then calling. We sell these below our cost and need to minimize time spent discussing them---thank you.
Bethlehem Olivewood pen blanks with small defects, 40% off!
Price: $2.88 each


Note :  these olivewood items ship with normal shipping of your choice, not "scrap shipping"