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Griffin Exotic Wood

Briar Burl
(erica arborea)
These burls come from the Briar bush. We are currently selling wood from Spain, unless otherwise noted. The grain is ultra fine and this is the wood traditionally used for making smoking pipes.  Beautiful figured grain and color. There will be some bark inclusions and rock inclusions are possible.  A very hard wood, but weighs lighter than you would expect, making this a unique turning wood that is also relatively inexpensive for a burl.

unless specified otherwise.


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Briar Burl 1/2 pen blank (at least 3 inches long) high figure
Could have a tiny bark inclusion that is easily filled with superglue.
Price: $4.50

Briar Burl pen blank , high figure
Could have a tiny bark inclusion that is easily filled with superglue.
Price: $10.00

The color turns orange red and deepens on exposure.  The following are one-of-a-kind whole burls with "lumpy" exteriors.  They are "roundish" and can be turned or cut into pieces.    These pieces are highly figured inside.   They may contain rocks.  Dig them out before turning. Be sure to wear protective gear in case a rock flies out during turning.   All rough burls below are priced at 7.00 per pound based upon original weight before drying. They lose some weight due to drying.  Pictures below give you some idea of appearance, but you really have to hold it in your hand to get the idea of the shape it can produce. 

All pieces below show a photo of the actual piece: 
Weights shown are based on original weight, these have dried for over two years.


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